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Product Categories

Canned Food

Vegetable, Fruits and Meat Series

Perishable Goods

Onions, Potatoes, Ginger, Garlic and etc


Cummin Seeds, Tamarind, Cinnamon, Jaggery Powder, Star Anise and etc

Beans & Pulses

Groundnuts, Mung Beans, Soy beans, Sago and etc

Fungus & Mushrooms

Dried Mushroom, Dates, Goji, Fungus


Preserved Vegetables, Salt, MSG, Starch, Sauces and etc

Rice & Noodle

Rice, Meehoon, Bean Vermicelli and etc

By Products

Cooking Oil, Bamboo Leaf, Wrapping Paper and etc

Festival Goods

Mandarin Orange, Candy, Confectionary and etc

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Our carefully selected and exclusive product range is comprehensive enough to meet your everyday needs. Rest assured that while we offer incredible affordable prices, all our products meet our strict quality standards.

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