Our Story

The Founding Stage

1993 - 1996

Start Up

Myxo is founded on year 1993 by Mr. YM Tan and Mdm. SH Heng when they realised there was a huge potential for Thai food products here in Sabah. Their initial intentions was to provide more affordable and wider selection of  food products to the local community.

Our beginning was humble and our premise was located at a rented shop-lot. Our early products include onions, maize, cooking salt, cooking oils, dried foods and beans.

our story

The Early Stage

1996 - 2000

Building Up

During the early stage, our business grew slowly from one shop-lot to three shop-lots and soon they realised potential of importing China products as Thai products became less competitive.
Also during that early stages, majority of the China products were still imported through Singapore and only a small portion of those products were directly procured from China.
In 1998, due to the continuous expansion of our business, we added two additional 7000 sq.ft warehouses to cater the growth of our business.

The Mature Stage

2001 - 2010


In 2003, our business flourished and expended further, we moved to a 40,000 sq.ft detached warehouse. We were selling products from all around the world and majority of our China products were imported directly from China. By doing so, we were capable of providing wide variety of products with competitive pricing to the market.

The Advance Stage

2011 - Now


Currently, we have grown to become one of the leading foodstuffs distributors in East Malaysia. We have over 300+ products from 20+ countries located at 5 different continents. Our annual container intake exceed 500 TEU per year and growing. Majority of our products are sourced with minimum intermediate and directly co-operate with product manufacturers around the world. We are serving customers from East Malaysia and also exporting to neighboring countries such as Philippine and Indonesia.

Our Vision

Our vision is

To be one of the leading food products distributors in East Malaysia, when people think of food supply, think of MYXO.

Our Missions

Our Values

Our Sources

Myxo procures all products directly through long-standing relationships with over 120 leading food processors/suppliers worldwide. In other words, all our products are directly supplied by the products’ factory, therefore, we are able to supply quality guaranteed products at the lowest possible prices.

Because of this reason, by narrowing the involvement of middle persons, we are able to move all products through our distribution channel, maintain the product’s quality and be able to control our products more efficiently. Our sales representatives not only have specialised knowledge of the products we supply but also being informative about the products availability, adaptability to certain conditions, product weights, uses and much more.

Our Valuable Customers

  • foodstuff distributor
  • foodstuff wholesale

With years of experience as one of the finest wholesale food distributor, we recognize the uniqueness of each market. We value, plan, filter, segment and list products information that best suit our customers’ needs accordingly. Today we proudly serve various type of customers across the industry which include:

  • Wholesaler
  • Hypermarket, Supermarket, Mini Market (CKS Group, Bataras, 99 Speed Mart, Pick & Pay, Gentingmas Mall)
  •  Hotel & Restaurant (Promenade, Grandis, Le Meridian)
  •  Office & Factory (Tauhu Factory; Tausa Factory; Office customers are welcome to order Mandarin Orange for the purpose of gifting their customers or business partners)
  • Direct to Consumers (Cash n Carry; Walk-in customers are welcome to visit our store especially during CNY period, we sell wide variety of CNY items)

Areas that we served include:

  • Sabah
  • North of Sarawak
  • South Philippines
  • North Kalimantan
  • Brunei

Award & Recognitions


malaysia china chamber of commerce